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Marine Biotechnology and its potentials in cancer treatment: Review article مقاله



Marine environment has unique diversity. More than half of biodiversity lives at sea and oceans. Promotion of science and technology led to the future accession to marine species and study them and finally using marine product in human life. Using marine product for treatment of human malady is one of the most attractive applications of this component. Since cancer is the second mortality agent in human and current drugs has several side effects, identification and isolation of anti-cancer component from marine source is one of the most attractive research branches for scientists. The aim of this study is investigation of marine components which used in cancer treatment. In this article, we point to some of anti- cancer and drugs with FDA approve or component that are in different stage of clinical trials. The source of them and their mechanism were investigated too. Despite of an existing variety of fresh and brine source in Iran, there isn’t any spacious study for identification, isolation, investigation and confirmation of remedial, and especially anti-cancer property of marine source. Thus attend to marine source in order to cancer treatment is very necessary.

کلیدواژه ها:

cancer ، treatment ، biotechnology ، Marine Source

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