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Patient education: a study on the present situation and factors affecting success of patient education in hemodialysis مقاله



Introduction: The hemodialysis patients face with multiple physical problems and psychosocial and social challenges. The proper interventions in the field of their education have a positive impact on the reduction of complications and improvement of the quality of their life. Despite the potential benefits of patient education, its success depends on various factors. The purpose of this study was determined present situation and factors affecting success of patient education in hemodialysis centers of Urmia University of Medical Sciences. Methods: This is a cross-sectional descriptive study conducted in 2015. The study population included 420 patients in hemodialysis centers in Urmia University of Medical Sciences. Data were collected using a self-structured questionnaire which was estimated as both reliable and valid. The data were analyzed by SPSS 20 software descriptive statistics and analytical statistics. Results: The most common of patients education methods in hemodialysis centers under study included handout-pamphlet (37%), oral conversation (26%) and workshop (18%). The most factors affective in hemodialysis patients education were related to patient education based on learning needs (4.85), ease of learning educational content (4.77), Proper communication between providers and patients (4.61), Skills of educators (4.50) and patient participation in the planning and implementation of education (4.44) respectively). Conclusion: The hemodialysis patients need education in order to adapt to their condition and perform self-care behavior. So, physicians and nurses should provide education based on learning needs of patient through effectively communicating with patients and applying various methods. It is necessary that continuing education for healthcare provider conducted and also the quality of patient education evaluated and motivation of health care providers increased.

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success ، Hemodialysis ، Patient Education ، Factors Affecting

Patient Education ، Factors Affecting ، Succ ess ، Hemo dialysis

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