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Pesticide induced complications among pistachio farmers: In the rural area of Rafsanjan, Iran (2010)


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rural ،Pesticide ،Rafsanjan ،Pistachio farmers

Pesticides have important effects on human health. Due to the wide range of pesticide application and also involvement of more than 60% of people living in this study area in the agriculture, it is essential to assess the side effects of these biohazards. Therefore, we designed this study to assess the impact of using pesticides on the health status of pistachio farmers, in rural area of Rafsanjan, Iran. Material and Methods: In this descriptive study we have analysed the side effects of pesticides on farmers who used these substances in pistachio farms. A sample of 115 male farmers in the rural area of Rafsanjan County was randomly recruited. A questionnaire was designed to ask about age¸ marrital status¸ working experience¸ training status (regarding pesticides)¸ specific diseases¸ hospital admission the history of acute poisoning and other toxic signs of respondents. Data were analysed using SPSS and Excel. Parametric and non-parametric tests were used to compare groups where appropriate.Results: One hundred and four cases were married of which 1.7% were infertile. Among respondents' children (102), we found 6 cases of brain disease that 2 of them suffered from menangocell. About 45%of respondents did not change their diet during application of pesticides. Only 14.7% of respondents weretrained regarding the application of pesticides. The most prominent side effect of pesticides among respondents was tiredness (66.4%).Conclusion: Based on our findings, program is needed for training of pistachio farmers regardingmethods of using pesticides and also how to use personal protection. It is also important to train respondents' families to prevent side effects of pesticides among their children.

خلاصه ماشینی:

"Therefore, we designed this study to assess the impact of using pesticides on the health status of pistachio farmers, in rural area of Rafsanjan, Iran. Complications of a chemical reagent depends on Dangerous toxic agents consists of a wide range of materials including some sort of drugs, nutritional additives, insecticides, pesticides, industrial chemicals, air polluting agents and * Corresponding author: Reza Vazirinejad, Social Determinants of Health Research Centre, Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences, Rafsanjan, Iran. Material and Methods This descriptive study was performed on workers whose job was working with pesticides in pistachio farms in rural area of Rafsanjan during 2010. All of the complications and symptoms that could occur following exposure to the pesticide in the farmers were also categorized in 19 categories and were asked as follow: 1- headache 2- tiredness 3- insomnia 4- irritability 5- acedias 6- depression 7- adenauseam 8- destruction 9- decentralization 10- anorexia 11- heavy sweating 12-sight problems in night 13- strabismus 14- tremor in hands 15- tachycardia 16- weakness 17- body swelling 18- provocation and 19- rubber faction. (به تصویر ضصفحه مراجعه شود) As table 5’ shows, our results indicated that the most associated symptoms which farmers encounter following exposure to pesticides are categorized as: tiredness 77 (66. Our study indicated that tiredness, headache, feeling weakness in feet and hands, extensive sweating, sleeping disorders and insomnia, adnauseam, visional complications and distraction were frequent symptoms of toxicity with pesticides. 3. To establish training programs and instruction to farmers regarding methods of application of personal protection equipments during work with pesticides and other poisonous reagents."

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