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Relationship between Understanding of Organizational Justice andOrganizational Citizenship Behavior of Tehran Physical EducationTeachers


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Organizational citizenship behavior isdefined as completely voluntary behaviors which staffs conducted them beyond theirvocation and task expectations and organizational justice is served as how todeal with staff so that they can feel fair action including understanding of justicein payments and equality in organizational procedures and intra-personal behaviors inorganization. The principle goal to conduct present research is to determinerelationship between organizational justice and organizational citizenship behaviorand their aspects among Tehran physical education teachers. Research communitystatistical samples were including 1275 people from which 305 ones were selectedrandomly. Research was conducted in description and correlational manner. Inorder to data collection, organizational justice standard questionnaire of Niehoffand Moorman1993 and organizational citizenship behavior questionnaire ofOrgan1988 were used which questionnaire consistency obtained about 0.75 and 0.78respectively by Cronbach’s alpha.Findings showed that there is a significantand positive correlation betweenorganizational justice understanding andorganizational citizenship behavior(p<0.01, r=0.182). Results of regressionanalysis indicated that interactional andprocedural justice dimensions perform asorganizational behavior predictors (p<0/01, r=0/263 & r=0/151).

خلاصه ماشینی:

"The principle goal to conduct present research is to determine relationship between organizational justice and organizational citizenship behavior and their aspects among Tehran physical education teachers. So more embankments about research in educational organizations and organizational citizenship behavior and also effective variables on them like organizational justice and how to understand organizational justice by physical education teachers and its relationship to their ultra-task performance has substantial importance. results of scores mean difference of organizational citizenship behavior and justice variable age Scholarship level Servicing seniority Sexuality Table3-(View the image of this page) Table 4. Discussion and conclusion As a whole, while determining relationship between organizational citizenship behavior and organizational justice understanding it was observed that there has been positive and significant correlation between these two variables and significant relationship of understanding organizational justice and fair thoughts as a procure key for organizational citizenship behavior in Tehran physical education teachers which is in line with Tanova (2009), Chu et al (2005) and Erturk (2007) researches. Also physical education teachers understand that direct manager or supervisors considered their attitudes and take over personal biases and offer some explains about decisions and behave to courtesy to them namely teachers understand interactional justice highly and it was found that there was strong positive and significant correlation but between distributional justice to organizational citizenship behavior there was not any significant correlation. Given that physical education teachers have conceived presence of procedural and interactional in high level and significant relationship of these two aspects to altruism, conscientious and civic virtue shows organizational citizenship behavior level in studied teachers."

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Organizational citizenship behavior ،Organizational Justice ،Physical education teachers ،Tehranprovince

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