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Population data on D6S2879 and D6S2806 markers located atHLA-DRB1 region in the Iranians: Identifying the signatures ofbalancing and directional selection


علمی-پژوهشی (وزارت علوم)/ISC (10 صفحه - از 45 تا 54)


In this study, the genetic diversity and neutrality test for the MHC microsatellite loci, D6S2879 and D6S2806, located within the HLA-DRB1 gene region, were investigated. The genotyping data from 73 unrelated individuals were analyzed for Shannon index, the effective allele number of the markers and neutrality test by use of PyPop and Popgene32 programs. The Shannon index for D6S2879 and D6S2806 markers in the studied population was 1.0372 and 0.8601, respectively. The Fnd value computed for D6S2879 and D6S2806 markers were also estimated -0.8449 and 0.9904, respectively. The results obtained from Ewens-Watterson test indicated that D6S2879 and D6S2806 markers were under balancing and directional selection in the Iranian populations, respectively. The data suggested the presence of a selection force on HLA-DRB1 gene region in the Iranian populations.

کلیدواژه ها:

ژن HLA ،ژن HLA-DRB1 ،DRB1 ،آزمون Ewens-Watterson ،تنوع ژنی ،آزمون Ewens ،Watterson ،مارکر ریز ماهواره MHC ،انتخاب

Selection ،HLADRB1 gene ،Gene diversity ،Ewens ،Watterson test ،MHC microsatellitemarker

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