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Reasons of Delay in the Referral for Cochlear Implantation of Pre-lingual Sensory-Neural Deaf Children


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Introduction: Deafness is the most common congenital sensory disorder. Clearly, deafness has a lot of negative influence on a child’s growth, learning, and social communications. More than 90% of deafness cases are sensory-neural, which can be cured with cochlear implantation. One of the most important factors which can change the results of cochlear implantation is the child’s age at the time of implantation. In this work, the reason of delay in referring sensory-neural deaf children for cochlear implantation is studied. Methods: A questionnaire was designed to investigate the reasons of delay in regards to deaf children referred of age 3 or more. 54 children, 28 (51.9%) boys and 26 (48.1%) girls were studied. Variables such as age, sex, reason of delay, parents’ level of education, etc. were considered. Results: 36 (66.7%) cases were due to the unfortunate referrals by the Ear, Nose and Throat specialists, among which 19 (35.2%) of them were reported this to be the only reason. 20 (37%) cases reported improper services at the cochlear implantation centers as their reason. 3 (5.6%) cases were due to the unfortunate referral by the pediatricians. 21 cases reported the delay due to combined factors. In an additional study, 49 cases of children with deafness which referred for a cochlear implantation before the age of 3 were questioned of how they were informed of this treatment. 27 (56.3%) cases reported that they were referred by a physician. Conclusion: Many reasons can be concluded as to the main reasons for the delay in referring children with deafness for cochlear implantation. The most important factor can be inappropriate referral by the treatment-health system and the second reason can be considered improper services at cochlear implantation centers.

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