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Approaches of auditory hair cells induction from stem cells


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Hair cells are the sensory epithelial cells of both the auditory and the vestibular systems in the inner ear of all vertebrates. Auditory hair cells are located in the organ of corti on a thin layer of basement membrane in the cochlea of the inner ear. Damage to hair cells decreases hearing sensitivity. When these delicate hair cells in the cochlea are damaged, sound signals cannot be sent to the brain. In general, damage to the mammalian inner ear, is not returnable. In fact, a key goal in the treatment of sensorineural hearing loss is to find appropriate procedures to replace the missing hair cells. Cell therapy is one of the treatment options for hearing loss. In this regard, studies focus on ways which hair cells can be provided from exogenous and endogenous stem cells. This review identified ways to induce auditory hair cells regeneration from stem cells as the potential therapeutic approaches for the hearing loss.

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Differentiation ،Cell Therapy ،Inner Ear ،Hair cell induction approaches

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