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Nasal Hump Resection by Guiding a Simple Needle: How We Do It?


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Background: The nasal hump is an aesthetic problem for which hump resection can be done through various techniques. In order to prevent improper resection and post-operative deformity, we applied a new measurement instrument during rhinoplasty. Aim: In this study, we aimed to evaluate the outcome of hump resection under a guiding needle. Methods: This report was conducted on 80 candidate patients for nasal hump removal in Loghman Hakim hospital (Tehran, Iran). In the intervention group, hump modification was done by a guided needle while for the control group, eye inspection was used. Patients’ and surgeon’ satisfaction was evaluated after rhinoplasty and 3 months after the procedure. The significant level was considered less than 0.05. Results: All patients completed the course of study. According to nasal inspection and palpation, the surgical results were better in the hump resection with needle guided localization. The patient satisfaction rate was 90% and 70% in the needle guided group and control group respectively (p=0.048). The observed deformities at 3 months after rhinoplasty had no significant differences between the two groups. Conclusion: According to the findings, the needle guided localization method can be better than eye inspection during rhinoplasty for reducing the cartilage portion of nasal hump.

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