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Organophosphate Insecticide Intoxication ina Family مقاله


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Louse is an external, obligate, blood-sucking parasite, which infects human societies. Improvements in health, economics, and social status of societies have reduced the parasitic lice infestation, however, it still is a global problem. Although it affects all age groups, school children are the most vulnerable age group. The high incidence of infection in children and their long-term close contacts transmit the infestation easily among them. In some parts of our country, organophosphate pesticides are widely used to control pests. Due to the ease of access to these toxins, poisoning with them are common and according to global statistics most deaths by pesticide are associated with organophosphate pesticides. Accordingly, we report 3 cases of a family from rural areas of Babol City. Upon being sprayed with an organophosphate solution, they developed severe organophosphate intoxication (OI) associated with central nervous system suppression.

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Organophosphate ، Intoxication ، Pediculosis capitis

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