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خلاصه ماشینی:

"To carry out the research, 200 people were selected as the sample group from the statistical population and the extent of intimacy with the Qur’an and its effect on the consumption pattern was measured by means of a researcher-made questionaire and the necessary data were collected. The results obtained from the statistical analysis of the test showed that 1) there is a significant relationship between the intimacy with the Qur’an at high level and the correct consumption pattern people follow as individuals or as members of state organizations, 2) individuals who have an intimacy with the Qur’an at an intermediate level follow the correct consumption pattern individually but this relationship is poor in relation to state consumptions, and 3) the people having an intimacy at lower level do not follow the correct pattern of consumption significantly. The effect of Computer Games on Self- steem Mohammad Reda Ahmadi 1 / Abbas Harati Making use of survey as a method of research, the present study has been conducted to investigate how computer games have effects on the self-esteem of the third-grade students in the junior high school. Sex (to be male or female) exerts its effect on the relationship between computer games and self-esteem Key words: self-esteem, computer games, a teenage Assistant Propessor, Imam Khomeini Educational and Research Institute A Glance at Positive Thinking and the Way it Affects to Increase the Hope for Life In the Widows living in Ahwaz; with the Emphasis on the Qur’anic Teachings Neda Ebadi 1 / Alinaqi Faqihi 2 The present study investigates whether teaching positive thinking has an effect on the increase in hope for life in widows living in Ahwaz."

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